Average Joes' Founders

Wayne Taylor

Born and bred in Western Sydney Wayne lived his first 36 years in a town called Penrith before moving with his wife and 4 kids to the Sunshine Coast.

With 20years plumbing experience and many years volunteering and speaking at his local church Wayne is not new to the public platform.

He began street preaching at age 18 before many overseas trips as a missionary speaking in front of a vast array of audiences including youth groups, church leaders, conferences, business groups and even 1000+ prison inmates throughout Congo, Rwanda and Kenya.

Wayne’s passion is simple, people.

Starting AverageJoes was a movement waiting to happen.

Wayne currently still runs his plumbing business across 2 states but his passion lies with one of the fastest growing men’s movements now known as AverageJoes, seeing men built up and equipped to tackle life’s challenges is at the forefront of his vision happening across Australia and the world.

Since starting AJs with good friend Eliot Krause in late 2018 many men have seen and experienced the change and growth desired by all men.

Wayne’s philosophy is simple, helping one man at a time eventually helps the world.

“this past generation has experienced the greatest hurt on men, we have empowered women so much that we have disempowered men. Men have been silenced, pushed into a corner and made to feel like they can no longer contribute to society as men…I’ll change that”
-Wayne Taylor